A recent study by a British hygiene expert showed that barbecue preparation areas (the sides of the grill and patio tables) harbor more than twice the germs of a toilet seat. Why? Because while 71% of the survey’s participants said they cleaned their kitchen tables every day, only 28% wipe their patio tables TWICE A YEAR.1 That’s concerning, considering grills and tables are sitting ducks for squirrels and birds and the germs that come with them—campylobacter, salmonella and E.coli, as well as parasites.

Suspicious of your barbecue? Here are 5 ways to grill cleaner this summer:

1. Use antibacterial cleaner. Thoroughly spray and wipe down your grill prep surfaces and tables.

2. Use a CleanCutting sheet. They’re perfect for transferring raw meats from the kitchen to the grill prep area* and make an effective barrier if you’re not sure about the cleanliness of your grill. Plus, you can throw the CleanCutting Sheet away (or add it to the fire pit) when you’re done—eliminating the transfer of dangerous bacteria somewhere else.

3. Clean your grill grates and innards. Clean grill grates thoroughly with a grill brush and heat your grill to 250 degrees to burn off any harmful bacteria. You could also remove and wash your burner protectors, and clean the debris off the plates and tray under the burners.

4. Handle raw meat safely. Wash hands throughly with soap and warm water after handling meats.

5. Use your tongs! Transfer raw meat to the grill with tongs, then hold your tongs in the flames to kill any bacteria. 


    *Keep CleanCutting Sheets away from hot surfaces. Use only on prep surfaces that are cool to the touch.
    Sources: 1 http://www.thehygienedoctor.co.uk/is-your-garden-hygienic/


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