Using CleanCutting Sheets

CleanCutting Sheets make meal prep and cleanup faster and easier, and your kitchen more sanitary, that is, when used properly. Here's the how-to on using CleanCutting Sheets when cutting meat or veggies 

Cutting Meat

Disposable bamboo cutting sheets with an optional low-tack adhesive. Test in an inconspicuous spot before fully adhering.

Cut meat, then peel up the CleanCutting Sheet. The counter grip should release easily, but test in a discreet spot first.

CleanCutting Sheets are thin and flexible. Use them to carry diced items to the stove. It’s plastic-sheet-style flexibility.

CleanCutting Sheets are disposable bamboo cutting sheets. Cut meat and throw away the germs to minimize cross-contamination.

Cutting Veggies

Disposable bamboo cutting sheets feature an optional counter adhesive. Peel the release liner to adhere to counter.

Chop veggies on your CleanCutting Sheet. The peel up the sheet to carry diced items to the stove.

CleanCutting Sheets are flexible. Curl them to easily pour vegetables into a pan. They act just like plastic cutting sheets.

Properly washed and dried, our disposable bamboo sheets be reused several times for cutting vegetables and fruit. Toss when worn.

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