Why woodNflex

Here's a dirty little secret:

Your plastic & wood cutting boards probably aren't germ free. Are you following a 3-step process for food prep material sanitation? Didn't think so. Who has time for that? So if your cutting boards are weathered with knife grooves, there's probably bacteria in there.


Cut out cross contamination

Use a new CleanCutting sheet each time you cut chicken and other meats. Then, toss out the sheet (and the germs) for a worry-free clean.


Guilt-free disposability

CleanCutting Sheets are made of environmentally friendly, renewable, biodegradable bamboo. So you can feel okay about tossing them after cutting meat.


Hybrid chopping tech 

CleanCutting merges the flexibility of a plastic cutting sheet with the natural feel of wood. Easily carry veggies to the stove. Cut without dulling your knives on plastic. It's the best of both worlds.


Kitchen cleanup, chop-chop

Cut, prep and toss the sheet. That's it. No 3-step sanitation process. No salt, lemon juice, bleach or wondering. Just more time to relax.


Countertop innovation

CleanCutting Sheets feature an optional, peel-and-stick, low-tack adhesive to ensure the board stays in place while cutting.


Commonsense reusability 

Want to reuse a CleanCutting Sheet after chopping veggies or fruit? Go for it! Just be sure to hand wash with hot, soapy water. Wipe excess water with a towel; then air dry.

Start CleanCutting today!