The clean eating and juicing movements are in full effect. And while they’re shrinking waistlines and processed food purchases, their belief in whole, fresh foods and from-scratch preparation is drastically increasing the amount of meal prep, and the time involved. Not to mention the time it takes to properly sanitize your cutting boards when you're using them so frequently. 

Make clean eating prep a little easier with some CleanCutting too! Here’s how:
  • CleanCutting Sheets are flexible, for easy pouring into containers, unlike the heavy wooden boards usually used for veggies and fruits.
  • If you’re cutting meat, in a time crunch or can’t stand the thought of washing one more container or board, guiltlessly toss out your sheet. It’s natural, renewable bamboo and biodegradable!

So add CleanCutting Sheets to your clean eating routine to make things a little easier.


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