Real Wood... Really!

Our patented composite material has allowed for real wood to be fused with food grade silicone rubber to create a food prep experience that combines the luxury of wood with the flexibility of plastic.

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why woodnflex?

  • Real Hardwood

    woodNflex fuses real, hardwood veneers oak and walnut (more species to come) with a food-grade silicone backing to create a beautiful, flexible and stable cutting surface.

  • Pourability

    woodNflex is the world’s first hardwood cutting surface that’s flexible, making it easy to carry and pour chopped items.

  • Easy to Wash

    Flexible and light, woodNflex bends to easily fit into your sink for easier scrubbing and sanitizing. Treat it with food-grade cutting board oil to keep the hardwood surface looking like new.

  • Small Footprint

    At just over 1/8” thick, woodNflex will beautifully and seamlessly integrate into your countertop unlike massive chopping boards.  The flexibility allows you to store it in almost any drawer or tuck it neatly away into a cabinet or other small space.

  • Hybrid Design

    woodNflex fuses real hardwood with food-grade silicone protecting your countertop and providing a sanitary, non-slip cutting surface. You can even flip it over to use the silicone side as a trivet. How’s that for flexibility?

Buy woodNflex Flexible Hardwood Cutting Board

$ 29.99


Is woodNflex really made of wood?

Yes!  woodNflex is made with real hardwood.  This is not some printed plastic or fake lookalike material.  This is real USA grown natural wood.

How durable is woodNflex?

Actually woodNflex is quite durable!  woodNflex is designed to work just like any wood cutting board except that it flexes.  

Love your woodNflex and it will love you back!

Can I put woodNflex in the dishwasher?

Unfortunately putting woodNflex in the dishwasher will severely shorten its life span just as it would for any wood cutting board.

Simply wash your woodNflex in the sink, hand dry it with a towel and lay it on a flat surface to completely dry.  Hey!  did you notice that woodNflex conformed to your sink so that the entire board fit in it for easy washing?