woodNflex Flexible Hardwood Cutting Board

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Meet the world’s first, flexible, hardwood cutting board—woodNflex from CleverOne Brands.  

Available in both Walnut and Oak hardwood species.

Traditional wooden cutting boards leave a little something to be desired: flexibility. They’re hard to fit into your sink. When it comes to washing wood cutting boards, they’re unwieldy. They take up counter and storage space. And they lack pourability. It’s time to try woodNflex from CleverOne.

Flexible hardwood. woodNflex fuses real, hardwood veneers in maple, oak and walnut with a food-grade silicone backing to create a beautiful, flexible, stable cutting surface.

Pourability. woodNflex is the world’s first hardwood cutting surface that’s flexible, making it easy to carry and pour chopped items.

Easy to wash. Flexible and light, it bends to fit easily into your sink for easier scrubbing and sanitizing. Treat it with standard linseed oil, as you would a traditional cutting board, to keep the hardwood surface ready to chop.

Small footprint. At just over 1/8” thick and flexible, it stores easily, and doesn’t have to live on your countertop, like some massive hardwood boards. It can tuck away neatly into your cabinets.

Hybrid design. woodNflex fuses hardwood veneer with food-grade silicone. This protects your countertop and provides a sanitary, non-slip cutting surface. Not only that, but you can flip it over and use the silicone as a trivet for hot pans. How’s that for flexibility?

Chop space. woodNflex is available in two sizes, including 11” x 14” and 14” x 18”, allowing plenty of room for simple or more complex meal prep.