Care Instructions

Love Your Wood...and it will love you back!


Oil your woodNflex before the first use and then about once a month or when it looks dry. Use food grade linseed oil, mineral oil or any other wood cutting board oil to keep your woodNflex looking like new and resisting water absorption by the natural wood.
Clean your woodNflex with hot, soapy water.
Do not submerge your woodNflex.
Dry your woodNflex immediately after washing to avoid water absorption and curling of the natural wood. woodNflex is not dishwasher safe.
Do not to excessively fold your woodNflex as this could cause it to crack.  Do not use excessive force while cutting on your’s a cutting board, not a tank.


Note:  The wood surface is the only surface intended for food preparation.  Avoid cross-contamination and food-borne illness by properly cleaning all food preparation equipment between uses.