About Us

CleanCutting Sheets & woodNflex are products of CleverOne Brands. Founded in 2016, we’re a handful of entrepreneurs (and friends) with a combined 50+ years in consumer packaged goods and one clear mission:

Let’s keep life safe (or sāf), simple and clean.

That’s it!

We’re starting in the kitchen with CleanCutting Sheets, our disposable bamboo cutting sheets. They help to minimize cross-contamination by saving the world from the dreaded “chicken juice” and the spread of bacteria in your home. Simply cut your chicken or other meat and toss out the germs with the sheet. Because they’re steam-pressed, highly renewable, biodegradable bamboo, they’re guiltlessly disposable.

We've just added woodNflex, an innovative luxurious hardwood cutting board that flexes just like plastic.  woodNflex will quickly become your new favorite cutting board.

For CleverOne Brands CleanCutting Sheets and woodNflex are just the start. We have lots of interesting ideas that will make other areas of life safer, simpler and cleaner.

But first, the kitchen! Please visit our products page and try CleanCutting Sheets & woodNflex for yourself. We’d love to know what you think.


Email  info@cleveronebrands.com

Phone  (307)-213-9383