CleanCutting Sheets, Meet Home Kitchens

Hey, good lookin’. What ya got cookin’?  

If it’s anything with chicken (or other meats), or a 20-minute meal, have we got something cooked up for you.

Meet CleanCutting Sheets. These disposable, little bamboo wonders will speed up meal prep by minimizing cleanup. They’ll also help to stop cross-contamination in its tracks. How? Because you can:

  • Throw out the CleanCutting Sheet (and potentially harmful bacteria like salmonella and e. coli) once you’re finished prepping meat
  • Avoid washing meat juices off of a traditional cutting board and wondering if you really got it clean before you use it again 

Of course, if you’re just chopping fruits or veggies on CleanCutting Sheets, feel free to use and reuse. You can even give them a good scrub and use them another time! But when it comes to meat—just toss that sheet.

In addition to being renewable, disposable bamboo, CleanCutting Sheets have some other pretty neat features that will revolutionize your meal prep:

  • Plastic-sheet-style flexibility for carrying and pouring chopped items
  • Light, full-back counter grip for a slip-free cutting surface (no uneven rubber feet)

When you’re cookin’, save yourself some time and worry and try CleanCutting Sheets: the flexible, choppable, pourable, portable, reusable, disposable, biodegradable, renewable bamboo cutting sheet.


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