A Better Way to Cut a Pepper

Cutting bell peppers can be a little dicey. (See what we did there?) But seriously, for those of you who’ve ever wondered if there was a way to cut a pepper without getting seeds all over your pepper pieces: there is! Get ready, because we’re about to change your life. Or maybe just how you cut peppers.

  1. Grab your CleanCutting Sheet, place it on the counter, and get your pepper! Don’t have a CleanCutting Sheet? Get one here!

  2. Cut off the stem of the pepper, so the pepper will sit flat when turned upside down.Chop stem off pepper

  3. Note the distinct, rounded segments separated by indentations. 

  4. Starting as close to the center of the bottom of the pepper as possible, cut down and to a slight angle to avoid the white flesh and seeds inside. cut pepper into distinct segments

  5. Cut off the remaining segments. Once you cut the first segment, it becomes easier to see and avoid the seeds.cut the pepper, avoiding the seeds.

  6. This leaves the seeds, white flesh and stem, wasting very little pepper meat. cutting the pepper this way leaves behind all the seeds

  7. Place the segments skin side down and cut lengthwise into ¼” strips. Cut pepper segments into strips

  8. Bundle the strips in your hand and starting at one end, cut in ¼” intervals across the strips. This leaves nice, diced pieces. bundle pepper strips to dice


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