Carving pumpkins with CleanCutting—and roasting the seeds.

An added bonus to carving pumpkins for Halloween is getting to roast the seeds. You’re already gutting them. Why not take this extra, delicious step!

We scooped out our pumpkins, separated the seeds and soaked them in water. This causes much of the remaining pumpkin flesh to sink to the bottom.

scooping out pumpkin seeds for roasting

We drained our seeds, tossed them in olive oil, spread them evenly on a baking sheet and roasted them at 300 degrees for about an hour.

roasting pumpkin seeds

For our seasoning, we went with the classic sea salt. But there are many other ways to add zip. Here are some of our faves:


3 Tablespoons Smoked Paprika
2 Tablespoons Kosher Salt
2 Tablespoons Garlic Powder
1 ½ Tablespoons Cracked Black Pepper
1 Tablespoon Onion Powder
1 Tablespoon Cayenne Pepper
1 Tablespoon Oregano
1 Tablespoon Thyme Southwest
1 Teaspoon Chili Powder
½ Teaspoon Ground Cumin
½ Teaspoon Kosher Salt
½ Teaspoon Cracked Black Pepper



Tenuta’s Italian Seasoning
Itza secret! Just sprinkle (sparingly as it’s powerful stuff) and enjoy!


Pumpkin seeds are not only delicious; they’re also good for you.

They’re high in the mineral zinc, which is said to play a key role in several metabolic processes, such as immune response, neurological function and reproduction, as well as the decrease of inflammation related to age-related chronic diseases. Pumpkin seeds are also high in several forms of vitamin E, which has been shown to have multiple benefits from fighting inflammation to balancing cholesterol.

So get to carving with your CleanCutting Sheet, and then get to roasting! Because it’s not just fun, festive and tasty; it’s good for you, too! Happy Halloween!


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