CleanCutting Sheets Go Over Well with Overlanding Enthusiasts.

Our friends over at Knightsbridge Overland shared a far out use for CleanCutting Sheets. Like, really far out. Turns out our solution for a cleaner home kitchen is also pretty handy for the outdoors. And more specifically, for overlanding.

If you’re not familiar, overlanding is vehicle-supported, self-reliant adventure travel, typically exploring remote and under-documented regions. No hookups. No restrooms. No picnic tables. You’re on your own.

CleanCutting Sheets on camp table.


Out in the wild, a CleanCutting Sheet offers Six Key Advantages.

1. It stays put in wind. Adhere it to your camp table with the low-tack grip.

2. It provides a sanitary food prep surface. So you just prepped meat for a meal. Now what? How do you make sure E. coli doesn’t ruin the trip? By burning your CleanCutting Sheet, and putting down a fresh one for any additional meal prep! Plus, when was the last time you washed, let alone sanitized your camp table WHILE you were overlanding? A CleanCutting Sheet provides a sanitary barrier between food and the table.

CleanCutting Sheets provide sanitary barrier between food and dusty camp table.
3. It respects your knife. Out in the wild, you need your blades to stay sharp. Made of soft, steam-pressed bamboo, it won’t dull your knives.

4. It’s disposable and completely biodegradable. Made of natural, renewable bamboo, simply burn it when you’re done, or after you’ve cut meat on it.

5. It packs light. Flexible and about the same weight as card stock, our 11” x 14” CleanCutting Sheets pack easily.

6. It comes in multipacks to cover up to a week of exploration. Need more? Simply order a couple of packs.

    Thanks again to the folks over at Knightsbridge Overland for sending these incredible pictures of CleanCutting Sheets from one of their expeditions in Mountain Home, Idaho.


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