Labor Day, a little less laborious.

It’s been a long, busy holiday weekend. If it’s anything like the CleanCutting crew’s, it’s been a mix of home improvement and having fun. But of course we had to eat in between activities; so we kept our prep simple with a CleanCutting Sheet. Here’s how our sheet spent the Labor Day weekend:

Prepping omelet veggies two days in a row
Prepping zucchini and asparagus for the grill
Dicing toppings, patting dough and slicing homemade pizzas

CleanCutting Sheets are perfect for home pizza making.
Prepping guac for a party snack

Making guac with our CleanCutting Sheet.
Prepping pork for grilling
Feeding our post-dinner fire

During summer, used CleanCutting Sheets make great kindling.

    From omelet veggie prep to making guac, just one sheet kept up with us all weekend. And when we used it to prepare pork for grilling tonight, we tossed the sheet in the fire pit for our after-dinner campfire.

    That’s one flexible cutting sheet. (And we’re not talking about their world-first, bendy bamboo-ness.)

    You don’t have to be camping or picnicking to appreciate the versatility and disposability of CleanCutting Sheets. You could just have a lot on your plate and be looking for ways to make life a little simpler… by having a few less dishes to wash while you tackle home projects. Got a busy weekend coming up? Pick up a pack of CleanCutting Sheets.





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