There’s nothing like a picnic in the summertime. The CleanCutting crew has tips for making it a relaxing, enjoyable experience, from the prep to the pic-a-nic.

Take your blankie
Many of us spend all day in an office chair. Make your picnic feel like a real change of pace by bringing a good ol’ fashioned blanket. It’s a more authentic, rustic experience. Plus, (should you be so inclined) it’s more cuddle-friendly, than trying to awkwardly hold hands over bag chair cup holders.

Pack light and disposable
You’re probably packing it in and packing it out, so pack light! A CleanCutting Sheet allows you to cut cheese and meat for crackers, on the spot---and you can toss it when you’re done. One less thing to pack out! Small, plastic tumblers serve as respectable wine glasses, and plastic utensils get the job done. Bonus, both are disposable! Less to carry home. See the CleanCutting Sheet packs available. 

Think cold and snacky
A small tote-style cooler is the perfect size for a couple of cold salads, a block of cheese and a bottle of water. Our favorite for a hot summer picnic is caprese, with it’s refreshing combination of basil, tomato mozzerella cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper. (Some folks also like a dash of balsamic.) Tip: add the basil at the picnic, so it’s crisp and fresh when you’re eating. (Our friend Joe, of “Cooking Italian with Joe” has a great caprese recipe here.)

Set the table
If you’re eating at a picnic table, bring a table cloth—because outdoor furniture often harbors bacteria such as salmonella and E.coli from birds and squirrels. A CleanCutting Sheet is also a handy barrier between finger foods and a dirty table! Handy tip: your table cloth can double as a two-bottle wine caddy. Simply place the bottles on their sides facing away from each other, about three inches apart, and roll them in the table cloth. Then, stand the bottles up and tie the bunny-eared ends of the table cloth together. Voila!

DIY wine bottle caddy

Bring a citronella candle
Not only does it ward off mosquitoes, but at dusk, it adds a bit of ambience to any blanket picnic. Double duty!

a citronella candle adds ambience and wards off bugs

Other little must haves: 

Small trash bag

Paper napkins

Small folding knife

Small baggies of crackers


Small corkscrew

Leak-proof wine stopper (unless you're in it to win it)



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